Do you want to know what scares Baby Boomers more than death? Running out of money during retirement. So much for the Golden Years. There is hope on the horizon, nonetheless. Steering your ship toward annuities can be just the financial tool needed to remove the uncertainty and stress from the equation to deliver peace of mind, so those Golden Years never lose their luster.

Today, most people do not convert the money they have in their annuity into a guaranteed income stream (called annuitization); instead, they treat the annuity value they have accumulated as any other asset. Anecdotal evidence suggests that almost all of these accumulated annuity values are passed onto the heirs in a big lump sum and not turned into an income stream by the buyers of the annuities. The consensus is that less than 2% of deferred annuities are annuitized.

Annuities Can Provide
• A means of accumulating interest on a tax advantaged basis
• An estate instrument that PRESERVES and PROTECTS assets
• A guaranteed income for life that also lets you access the principal

When developing a retirement plan there is much more to think about besides saving money. 401(k)’s, IRA’s, Life Insurance, Annuities and Trusts all can be combined to make sure that you have enough money to retire on and that your money is protected. At The Terrio Group, you can have peace of mind that all of these things are handled by professionals with their own niche and expertise all under one roof.



Life insurance can be an important step toward potentially protecting your finances – and possibly your family — while you’re living … if you’re ever diagnosed with a terminal, critical or chronic illness, or need long-term care.

You’ve worked hard to prepare for retirement. But have you made plans to cover your bills, maintain your home and ensure that your family can sustain their lifestyle should you ever need long-term care services?

One way to do this is to add a living benefit rider to your life insurance policy.

Then, if you’re ever diagnosed with a terminal, critical or chronic illness, you’ll be able to access your policy’s death benefit to help cover things your health insurance doesn’t – like your mortgage, utilities, even food.

Having a terminal, critical or chronic illness isn’t something many people want to think about. But thinking about it now can make a difference to your future.

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